N° 83 (2/2023) – The Philosophy of Television Series

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It is often said that television series are nowadays as good as films, or even better than them, but the philosophical inquiry into the former remains much less developed than the philosophy of film. A handful of recent books have tried to fill the gap, but there is much work still to be done. Significant contributions to the aesthetics of television series are coming from television studies and film studies, raising issues which philosophers are challenged to address. The special issue of Rivista di estetica looks for philosophical perspectives on television series with the aim of exploring this new fascinating area of research in which aesthetics and media studies can fruitfully interact. Topics for papers may include but are not limited to the following:

Is TV series a self-standing form of art or is it to be traced back to the cinema?

What is the relationship between television series and films?

What is the relationship between television series and other forms of television (e.g. …